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Ukraine born Alex Suvorov aka Suvorovskiy began his musical journey at the age 7, from the musical school where he were playing on the keyboard. But, he had a wish to learn something else. He were saying:"I like that music which making people dance". At the age of 14 for the first time he tried to write music. He started with Minimal Techno. Refusing to be stuck within one genre, Suvorovskiy has spent a lot of time writing and experimenting. Four years later he graduated DJ's School "Progresive People". Alex became very good at what he were going. He wrote his first track. His talent soon was spotted by Gysnoize Recordings, who immediately snapped him up as an exclusive label signing for his debut track "Bavi Bavi". He is keep working on his tracks. Alex resonates with an exciting energy and inspiration and he is ready to conquer your hearts.