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Maxim Batraev - today known as Max Riddle. Maxim always loved music. Xenia, sister: "I remember him very little, loved to listen to recording, cassette deck, sleep under them. Undoubtedly, a huge role in spiritual upbringing played my mother, who has a good ear and voice. Honestly, we did not immediately realized the seriousness of the Maxima to do DJing ... But eventually realized that Max and music - are indivisible." Maxim: "I do not consider it a job, for me it is a pleasure. And I think that every DJ will agree with me. DJ - it does not work, rather a lifestyle! ". You can list the pros before losing momentum. I will mention only one - and most important - this occupation favorite thing that you also feeds. The only negative, unfortunately, can not go down to the dance floor and off with the rest." Early career 2007 Maxim starts to work actively writes tracks, improving his game.