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Tom Strobe - real name Dmitry Nedoseko. born on 18 May 1993. Producer and DJ. Aliases for creative ways were different: DJ REST, Dj Dmitry Nedoseko, Nexotronix, Ankinn, but the soul has become today alias that was chosen spontaneously, but rather the name, but the name was chosen to honour the name of the song, a very famous and beloved artist Deadmau5. First steps in music did back in school. For such a long period of time, changed musical direction. The first songs were written in styles: Electro-House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Tech House. Finally, after 7 years, experimenting in different directions, all of a sudden, determine the style of his compositions, it Chillout/Chillstep/Ambient. New songs have been performed in the style of Ambient, then gradually moved on Chillout. But all the same experiments with styles going on. In the social network the largest number Audience Award belongs compositions: "Intense Feelings (feat. NVprod.)", "Unforgiven and "Letter To Your Soul". First officially published composition became "Unforgiven, followed by the same "Intense Feelings (feat. Nvprod.)", Which was co-written with NVprod. Many compositions written and supported by DJs stream online radio stations. Currently artistic success, albeit not occupy such a high position, but all the same path started. Path to success and new listeners in different parts of the world. Now working on new and new songs and happy support students who are passionate about creativity and give more and more inspiration and strength!