Apple has launched a web version of Apple Music to work in a browser!

Apple Music has never had a problem with subscribers. Even at the dawn of the service, Cupertino knew that their service was going to succeed, and therefore they chose to limit its work to only proprietary applications. As a result, in just 5 years, the total audience of Apple Music has exceeded 50 million subscribers. But it could be even bigger if Apple could launch the service not only on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, but also on other platforms, of which there are many on the market today. Asked – get it.

On the night of September 5-6, Apple launched the web version of Apple Music, which is available from a browser. While it is in beta testing, and therefore its design and functionality, most likely, can change. Nevertheless, now the platform looks quite neat and resembles the interface of iTunes, which ordered iTunes to live for a long time. However, there are problems too. For example, I tried to log in several times in a row, but I did not succeed in doing this, which means that the web version still requires refinement and elimination of bugs.

Already, Apple Music in the browser provides access to all the functions that users are used to. The same playlists, your own library, search on tracks, radio, the ability to save songs to favorites and much more are available here. It is immediately clear that Apple did not make the web version of the service for casual users and intends to develop it further.

Thanks to the web version of Apple Music, the company will be able to expand its reach, as well as abandon iTunes for Windows, because now users can access their songs from a browser. A similar opportunity will be available to users of Chrome OS, Android TV and Smart TV, who until now have not been able to register in the service or listen to music.

It may seem strange to someone that people listen to music on TV, but with the development of various kinds of soundbars and the spread of smart TVs with the ability to access the Internet, this has become quite a common thing. Now users can go beyond just YouTube, but simply open the website and enable music from their library. Well, as high quality tracks began to appear in Apple Music, this could be the beginning of a great future.