How To Grow Your Career on SoundCloud...

What’s next in music, is first on SoundCloud, so make sure your always ahead of the game with SC101.

Did you know that there are more than 20 million creators and counting? SoundCloud is a busy place, buzzing with creativity and brimming with opportunity for anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Are you also aware that they have one of the youngest audiences, who are dedicated music fans? 35% of SoundCloud’s audience is between the ages of 18-35, the converted Millennial demographic, Spotify has a clear lead among this age group: more than 50% of Spotify’s audience is comprised of Millennials. As a record label, you should concentrate on building your brand on this platform. If you get dedicated brand followers whilst they are young on SoundCloud, this is only going to pay dividends for your label in 5-10 years when your fans get jobs and have money to spend. Think of your future!!

Furthermore, SoundCloud realise that not all of you know exactly how you can use the features offered or have the time to read through the creator guide in full. SC101 are the cliffsnotes on how to get the most out of the largest audio platform on the globe. Breaking it down and keeping it easy with really short videos that features 95% of the important information about SoundCloud’s platform and 5% footage of SoundCloud simply being themselves.

SC101 rolls out with a 9-part, two-minute video series that brings SoundCloud’s popular creator guide to the real world. Presented by SoundCloud employees (including some of your favourite reps!), the videos offer targeted insights and quick, actionable tips into leveraging the many tools and features available on SoundCloud. The initial slate of videos cover intro topics such as profile building, tagging tracks and sharing your work with more advanced subjects such as monetization.

Look no further and click here to advance your SoundCloud career with Soundclouds Creator Guide.

Topics included in the following Creator Guide:

Setting Up Your Profile

Learn how to kick start your music career – and stand out. This 101 gives you the 411 on how to build your profile to make sure your music persona shines through.

Sharing Your Tracks

From keeping your uploads private while you perfect them to sharing links on Instagram when they’re ready for promotion – here’s how to be heard on your terms.

Engagement On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is all about community – you get what you give. Find out how to grow your network and get more plays by promoting your content and engaging with others’.

Optimizing Your Tracks

From using tags to drive up your plays, to replacing your audio file without losing your stats – SoundCloud share tips on how to set your tracks up for success.

The Power of Stats

Learn how basic user stats like plays, likes, and reposts can tell you what’s working and which fans are helping you do the heavy lifting. And advanced analytics can tell you who listens to your music the most and the cities you should swing by on your next tour.

SoundCloud is home to the largest audio creator community in the world. SC101 is one more way SoundCloud is working to give this community the tools they need to succeed. Later this year, SC101 will expand offline with live events and demos in different cities and communities around the world. Location and dates will be announced soon!

But most of all remember to check out SoundCloud and build your labels future now by capturing the moment and enhancing the growth of your fans. It’s the way forward, so go on, make the first step now and head over to SoundCloud. The future is waiting.