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Real name Oleg Kvashnin. Music entered his life along with parties at dance floors, and then he began to think about how to create dance music, putting his style. Pursuing this goal, I became acquainted with the EJay line of programs. It began to create their first tracks. On the Promo DJ portal, he got acquainted with the like-minded person Yura G DM, who with great pleasure gave his reviews and tips on writing and processing and with him also created several joint tracks - Mad Yura G DM & Beat Ballistick- Music Don't Lie (Rework Mix) Monkey Records, Yura G DM - Limiting Velocity (Beat Ballistick Remix) Radon, Yura G Dm - MAGIC DAWN (Beat Ballistick Remix) Trombax Records. Oleg has always been faithful to the direction of electronic music-House chosen at the beginning of his creative career. Striving for self-improvement, he took courses in music making and synthesis at the school DJ Groove. Not having a musical education, studying at school was quite easy, thanks to the teacher Alexander Baras (known as Saint Rider), the Dropre Zone project. Sasha, teaching him, said that Oleg should not apply his niche in peace music and find his listener. Oleg has repeatedly occupied the TOP 100 at Promo DJ by Deep House. It also works in the styles of Tech House and Progressive. Created a family, he has two children. besides, he is engaged in the development of a network of butcher shops, and is keen on sports. Music writes by inspiration, although it is not always possible to find time. He sees performances on the big stage with his creative goals, dreams of playing along with his idol in the music of Stephan Bodzin, playing his set on Tomorrowland. He writes music primarily for himself, since he has an irresistible desire to leave a mark on the world of music, it is always nice to hear positive feedback from acquaintances, friends and listeners who liked it!