About Label

Gysnoize Recordings [Record Label], founded in 2013, GYSNOIZE – DJ, composer, singer, Master Engineer and Author of several poetry. One of which is filled with beater in his debut album «Dream World» titled «One Day» in 2012, a remarkable and talented singer of Europe and World “Gabrielle Chiararo“, who song on the album, and many other songs in album «Dream World». Just was invited and not unimportant, wonderful and talented singer “Dee Bee” who performed two songs on the album, one of which, together with GYSNOIZE called «Deviation».

Gysnoize Recordings started with the release of «Victor (UA) – No Distance Left to Guitar», «GYSNOIZE – Walking In The Street», « DJ Suvorovskiy – Take Me», «Tom Strobe – All Lights On You», «Victoria Ray – Danger Girl», «Sj Ocean – Get High» and etc.. The instant success of the series made it possible to expand, and in 2014 Gysnoize Recordings added four new labels to their imprint: “Noz Recordings” and “DeepHsound Recordings”, “SYCOR Recordings”.

Gysnoize Recordings full catalogue is currently also available through over “one hundred and eighty” other well-known download portals. In 2014 the 100th release on Gysnoize Recordings was announced. With all eyes on this milestone it was clear that the label had matured into a major record company with an extensive artist roster that represents multiple styles of modern electronic dance music.

Gysnoize Recordings, Noz Recordings, DeepHSound Recordings, SYCOR Recordings catalogue represents progressive house, tech trance, progressive, drum & bass, dubstep, chillout, hip-hop, electro house, deep house etc…

Distribution of the material held label known digital distribution company «sundesiremedia.com», “Label Worx”  is at the forefront in the world for distributions.


Professional PR for the Artsist’s, Singles, EP’s, Album’s:

After almost 5 years, Gysnoize Recordings still is one of the biggest independent electronic dance labels.

Personally from GYSNOIZE – I wish all only goodness, love, prosperity and creative mood. May there always be only for the rich ideas and the desire to achieve the results that you want to do a creative way.