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Dist HarD - electronic musician, DJ and aspiring producer. Real Name Denis Sergeev. Born in 1997 in Lys'va. He studied at the School Lysvensky. Currently lives in his hometown. While he was busy studying and self-education. Music started to get back in school time. Since 2010 has already started to promote themselves in the music industry. Works with bass music, as well as with such genres as duch house and electro hosuse. In the first release on the label Trombax Records, a remix of "StingeR-63 - So Good! (Dist HarD remix)", as part of Extended Play "So Good EP", as well as a few releases. In the 2014th year via Gysnoize Records released Extended Play - "Dist HarD EP" in the style of dubstep. Worked with the group "1000fakez", eventually released the single "Dist HarD feat. 1OOOfacez - Keep moving forward (Original Mix)"