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Krainyuk Igor [IGORFROST], born 15.08.1991 in the city of Kherson, Ukraine. In 2008 he joined the Faculty of Law of Herson in 2012 he graduated and received not complete higher education qualified as a lawyer - for all general legal directions. Currently living in the Russian Federation, Moscow. I liked music since childhood, I have recorded on cassettes and did Mash Up without knowing what it is, in a word, I studied have a very young age. My professional career began in 2008, I began to write more minimal styles music and they have remained my favorite style for the moment, it's such styles as Minimal Techno, Deep House, Progressive House. I familiarize with different programs and choose the one she became my main programs you where and now write this FL Studio. It has a bright flavor and rhythm in his works Track and Mixe that I do, as well in 2014 he became a resident of the club Moskvskogo "Mysteri Club" where on this day, I delight its aficionados who come my speech.