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Nichenka Zoryana - New Ukrainian Music Project created in 2016. The project was created by my development as a musician (The Mord). For the first time having released on Gysnoize Recordings. His been working with the label "Gysnoize Recordings" to this point since 2012 working on creating my own sound. Nichenka Zoryana - created for the sake of showing that drum and bass music can be beautiful and very melodic. Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. Graduated from the School in 2008. His have a higher legal and political education. Work in Fl studio 12. and start creating the music from 2006. But like his sed - the drum and bass genre has always been and will be my musical life! + + + My Drum and bass project was created by me and my childhood friends. Hospital Pavlova - The Kiev underground (Pavlov psycho-neurological hospital №1) are the most diverse rumors and gossip. Some argue that "punitive psychiatry" is the largest in the Eastern Europe of a psychiatric hospital that destroys fate, while others are referring to the "yellow house" as a salvific oasis, where they found help and compassion. (c.Drum And Bass NIIAR (aka) The Mord - Music project Ukraine