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The DJs and music producers - DMC Ruslan M & IGor Frost. They started careers in 2008. They performed in the clubs like: JetSet, Tuning Hall, Bessonnica, Pur-Pur iBar, FAQ, Beach Odessa, Chocolate, Zefir and many others. Participants of the festival AFP 2017, 2018. The radio hosters of the radio station "SUNLIFE FM". Also Same Vibe music playing in radio station like: Kiss FM-Radio, London Music Radio, Ibiza Live radio and others. Leadings radio show «Deepologic» & «Intense» on the radio station Sunlife FM. Our goal is to create our own sound. We are constantly create new skills and improve existing ones. Same Vibe favourite style of music is Techno, Tech House, Deep. S.M.F. - An interesting project Tech House, created in conjunction with the Moscow DJ Shevtsov. The project was created to create a House of Music. The project is developed for Europe. The music they create has a unique sound. Their music was released on Gysnoize Recordings - Rome, Italy, WHORE HOUSE - London, UK, DEEP BEAR - Rio, Brazil, Jango Music - Paris, France. Also Same Vibe have a support from: Sam Divine, D-Unity, MeduzaMusic, Ummet Ozcan, Muzik Magazine, Ex Members of musical projects SMF (in conjunction with DJ Shevtsov), Time 2 Stars (on SUNLIFE FM). Ideology: At the heart of musical ideology lies the classical spirit of the House of Music. The invariable component of all they sets is a deep underground sound that generates in the minds of the listener the sensation of an incredible fire emanating from the very depths of human consciousness.