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Ukraine born Serj Kravchenko aka Sj Ocean began his musical journey on local hip-hop venues as a beatmaker and MC. The Prodigy's "The Fat Of The Land" cassette tape happened to be his first electronic music experience around 97 at school where everyone talked about techno music being the cool new thing. In his own words, "it sounded like total destruction' and he was blown away. He managed to setup a basic home studio and started experimenting. Refusing to be stuck within one genre, SJ has spent a lot of time writing and performing heavy metal influenced music in bands "Pictures Inside Me", "Oceans Red" and "Make Me Famous', touring around USA and hitting Billboard Charts. It has to be stated that the music those bands performed was full of crazy ideas and electronic experiments of his, which made it sound unique and distinguishable among others. Then he realized he needs to concentrate more on EDM itself and write his full original tracks, influenced by a vast array of music. His talent was soon spotted by Noz Recordings, who immediately snapped him up at the middle of 2014 as an exclusive label signing for his debut single "Get High". SJ resonates with an exciting energy and inspiration, he is ready to conquer your hearts and smash your ears!