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Viktor (UA) - Victor Maystruk performer, singer, guitarist. Born in the town Vyshnivets Victor childhood was creative osobystistyu expressing themselves singing from Ukraine People's Works and being a 12-year-old boy ended Muzychka school on button accordion. After the music school in button accordion Victor 17 years at the Academy in national vocal. Life Victor was always intense desire to self in music trying to learn a new direction for the implementation of their ideas. Moving on already dosyahnotomu he continued to study and to more and deeper experience. After sdutiyi on electric guitar, pop vocal and music school "Head Orchestra of Folk Instruments" Victor became interested in writing their own music. In 1990, Victor turns his first studio album titled "Not familiar guest." Not stopping dosyahnotomu in 2001. Victor was zaproponovanno join a Rock Opera "Paid beaches on the Styx" as co-author, artist, guitarist in the creation of Rock Opera. In 2003, the rock opera "paid beach at Styx" was officially released and implemented on two CD drives and managed to get into the United States. After several years without stopping Victor continued to write new works seek new ideas that later became the new songs in his future album called "Clavier" which was vipuschenyy at various shops around the world. P.S. Music - how to paint on canvas, Victor.