What is the best VST compressors?

Sometimes some people have a question – is it necessary to do compression at the stage of mixing each timbre used (instrument)? Yes, it is necessary and definitely necessary in electronic music for each instrument used. In classical music, compression is not necessary, and sometimes it is not needed at all for instruments, only in cases of problem recordings. Today there are a lot of different compressors and many beginning sound engineers do not understand that for each situation one or another approach to sound is needed and therefore there can not always be one compressor, since different compressors and the nature of work are different.

For example:

1. Sonalksis SV-315 Compressor

The compressor copies physical simulation technology to provide the classic, warm analog sound character. If you need to gently smooth the vocals, squeeze the drums, then this compressor will do it very well. Sonalksis SV-315 has very flexible settings, providing access to parameters that are not available on other compressors. For example, in addition to the classic “knee” there is a unique parameter “crush” which allows you to further increase the dynamics of the sound. The choice of attack and recovery have an “auto” mode modeled on classic compressors, and a “hold” mode, which can be used to further improve transparency.

2. SSL G-Master Buss Compressor (Waves)

Based on the well-known SSL 4000 G master bus compressor, Waves SSL G-Master Buss. It is appreciated by top engineers because of its ability to “glue” tracks. SSL 4000 G is ideal for taming the dynamics of the piano or adding an attack of drums and percussion.

3. Sonnox Compressor

Functions such as the choice of time constant curves and variable compression functions allow the user to confidently solve all the common problems of using compression, with subtle unobtrusive level control and ease of mastering the functions to produce a great artistic effect. solve all the most common problems of compression with the best result.

4. Brainworx Vertigo VSC-2

This plugin is an SSL Bass Compressor emulation, but it differs in sound character and functionality. Excellent reveals itself on the drum and bass bands, as well as on synthesizers. A huge advantage is the availability of side-chain filters.

5. Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor

One of the most popular studio compressors, created in the 1980s, Summit Audio TLA-100A is famous for its hybrid tube / transistor circuitry, soft punch and presentation, and of course the intuitive interface. The Summit Audio TLA-100A plug-in was developed by Softube and offers accurate emulation of the classic TLA-100A device for the UAD-2 platform and Apollo interfaces.


Copy of the analog WesAudio b76 compressor. The compressor has a similar sound to the analog sound. A very simple and convenient compressor. Very well suited to work with drums, guitars, bass, in some cases (sentizatory and vocals).


Many different elements of analog transmission contribute to the unique sound. Waves carefully modeled the hardware specifications of the CLA-2A, in order to fully capture and replicate the sound of the original equipment. The device was modeled at control levels of -18 dBFS = +4 dB, which means that the -18 dBFS signal from the DAW in the hardware device will display the readings of the 0 VU meter (+4 dB). Ideal for vocal compression if you need to bring vocals to the fore. Also if you need to bring out some instrument (for example, Lady, Guitar …)

7. Elysia Alpha Compressor

The two-channel compressor Alpha Compressor is a powerful tool for professional dynamic audio signal processing. With its innovative features and uncompromising sound quality, this device sets new standards for the transformation and improvement of any kind of sound material. The device has M / S processing functions, parallel compression, limiters, side chains and audio filters, and much more. Thanks to the Soft Clip function, it is possible to naturally reduce signal clipping, which will allow the compressor to work more correctly. We recommend this compressor to be used especially in case of problem areas with a clipping signal that can be checked using the s (M) exoscope.

But still, how to determine which compressor is needed? After all, it would seem that if there is already a compressor with analog sound, it means that it is also used, but not always analog emulation is suitable in electronic music for all used timbres (VST instruments).

Analog Compressor – Velvet low purities, smooth high and huge attack time.

Transistor Compressor – A small attack time and a characteristic evil midinous sound.

Digital Compressor – Very fast attack and no colored signal at all.

In order to better see how the operation of the used compressor affects the sound, we recommend using the plugin s (M) exoscope, which can be downloaded for free.