YouTube Expands ‘Stories’ to Any Channel With More than 10K Subscribers

YouTube is bringing its Instagram-like Stories feature to more creators.

Now YouTube Creators with more than 10,000 subscribers can use the feature.  That automatically qualifies a large number of artist accounts, though let’s see how musicians approach this feature.

YouTube Stories are available for seven days on the mobile app, and they appear for both subscribers and non-subscribers. YouTube Stories also appear on YouTube’s “Up Next” sidebar.

Creators are free to respond to fans’ interactions, and these responses are shared in the story feed for everyone to see.

YouTube first announced the new Stories feature in November 2017.

While this is a blatant copy of a feature that Instagram stole from Snapchat, YouTube is putting a new spin on Stories.

Instead, the focus seems to be on creating community engagement and promoting channels rather than daily updates from individuals.

YouTube has held a private beta of some of the features, but users on Reddit have been expressing their dissatisfaction. Some users seem okay with it, but plenty of comments point out that YouTube is blatantly stealing a feature from a competitor…..

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